Is Your Skin’s Pigmentation Blotchy?

Women and men who suffer from hyperpigmentation often feel self-conscious, and for good reason. Usually, hyperpigmentation is triggered by inflammation from a wound. The skin in turn exhibits a tan, black, or brown colour. If you use certain cosmetic processes, such as chemical peels, you can make the condition worse. That is why you should never treat this skin condition at home. Instead, go to a clinic that offers hyperpigmentation treatments. This way, you can be assured that you are not making the condition worse.

The Cause of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

In order to treat the condition, you need to know the cause. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation often occurs on the face where the skin is thinner. These wounds may result from infected pimples that have been squeezed, burns, or cuts from shaving. As the skin’s tissue heals, cytokines contribute to creating new skin. However, the cytokines also trigger melanocytes, which increases the skin’s melanin. When melanin is produced in excess, skin discolouration results. If the skin is exposed to sunlight, the affected site becomes darker, which makes it stand out against the adjacent skin.

Two types of hyperpigmentation are experienced by women and men. Epidermal hyperpigmentation only affects the surface layer. The pigmentation tends to be dark brown or brownish in colour and may take many years to resolve. Dermis, or inner layer, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation casts a bluish-grey hue and will stay that way if it is left untreated.

Know Everything You Need to Know

If you want to know what does hyperpigmentation treatment do, you are not alone. This condition affects a large population of women and men. You should know everything there is to know about the treatment as you need to act quickly if you have this type of skin problem. Singaporeans have microdermabrasion done at reliable spas and use topical over-the-counter creams, such as those containing retinoid and vitamin C. The creams work better on patients who have surface hyperpigmentation problems as they really cannot penetrate the deeper dermal area.

To lighten the pigmentation, high-quality spas often treat the skin with facials. These treatments are tailored to meet a customer’s particular needs. The aesthetician assesses the hyperpigmentation problem with respect to severity. He or she also regards the skin type. If you have more control over the treatment plan, you will see better results. Therefore, a whitening treatment often works wonders as it gets rid of the darker skin and makes the skin look smooth and glowing.

Facial Treatments

A facial therapy of this type features ingredients such as milk essence and hibiscus sabdariffa flower. Both these botanics produce whiter and lighter skin that enables the patient and customer to feel revitalised and young. No man or woman should have to suffer from this type of condition when it can be treated successfully.

By using a quality facial treatment, you can see visible results after one session. This first session unclogs pores, minimises their size, and exfoliates the dead skin cells. By exfoliating the cells, new skin cells are born and emerge. Also, a facial hydrates the skin and makes it appear much more light and radiant. Moreover, facials of this type stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.